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Ready to have a retail display in a shopping center with over 1 million shoppers monthly? Here's your chance, reserve your space now!


When you reserve your retail display at Shop Small Bizz, you are reserving your own dedicated area where you will display your merchandise for all mall goers to view and shop. 


Here is what you get…


- Minimum of 2 consecutive months of retail display space.

- A sectioned area in our store which you may decorate as you wish (within designated perimeters).

- All your items added into our checkout software to keep track of all sales.

- One centralized checkout station for all store transactions.

- Sales associates managing all merchandise.


Fees and payments:

- Rental space fee starts at $250 per month.

- A fee equal to 15% of your total sales will be charged at the end of your booking. We only collect a 15% fee on items sold and paid.

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